Tsum Dictionary: Mickey

I will be introducing the Mickey in the game. He’s the first character you can obtain in the game.


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Ability:Clears all the Tsums in the center of screen.

Default effectivenessSS size

Default Score:50

Availability:Happiness Box


He is the first tsum you can get from the first box you obtain. I mean who else could be the first tsum?

Micky’s ability

His skill vanishes tsum in the center with his hand. Radius is determined by his skill level.


Vanished tsum will be considered as chained, so if you vanish more than 7 tsums, bomb will appear. You will obtain chain score bonus as well.

He is one of the easiest character with the most handful skill, so if you just started this game, I recommend you to play with him until you get used to.

You should be able to achieve at least 100 thousand easily if you kept in mind to use his skill as soon as maxed.

How to achieve high score with Micky

Although Micky’s skill is not as strong as the other tsums, which can be obtain from premium box, he is still great tsum if you are just a beginner, and willing to achieve around 100 thousand point.

If you are willing to achieve higher score with him, you should keep in mind to use his skill as much as you can. That’s the most important thing to achieve high score in this game.


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